"My favorite pieces were by Tony Brown (a self-acknowledged chubby-chasing gay man). “Thunderwing” and “Papillon” are both large acrylic paintings. Brown has an extremely obese man robustly flying in the sky with white Mercury-like wings in “Thunderwing” and as a butterfly daintily floating about colorful marsh grasses in “Papillon.” The paintings are created with a joy that is impossible to dismiss."
From a review of an art exhibit at Vox Populi, Philadelphia Gay News, June 15-21, 1990.

One of my greatest pleasures was being given Tony's painting "Milk and Honey" as a wedding gift. [It] is something I'll always appreciate and enjoy because the use of bold colors and bold imagery is a trademark of his artistic style and indicative of his personality.

Rich Moeller, Maine

John Peebles Portrait
I’ve known Tony Brown for probably about 35 years. From the day I first laid eyes on his artwork I’ve appreciated his depiction of “larger-framed” gentlemen and recognized a kindred spirit. I never thought I could be a subject for him but I was wrong. When we mutually agreed that he would give it a shot, he chose this pose in this setting and it’s perfect for how I consider my persona, that is, my natural habitat being water. He painted me wet and with a tan line (and quite a bit of attitude, don’t you think?); so what could be better? I told Tony to please not try to flatter me in any way and he agreed to those terms and I’m told the resemblance is astonishing. So is the painting and I’m proud to own it and not just because it’s an amazing painting but also because Tony is a special friend.

John Peebles, New York

I love Tony’s work because it is beautiful art. His flowers are exceptional because of the beauty of his colors, his lines, his sense of depth, and his proportions. The same is true of his men. He truly does make large men beautiful and sensual and believable. They are symbols of male beauty. Even his explicit sex paintings depict gay men being gay men. Again, the paintings are symbolic, but they are not pornographic. All Tony’s paintings bring beauty to the canvas but allow the viewer to provide his own emotions. I may be biased, of course, since I’m his spouse. Do judge for yourself.

Langston Snodgrass, Maine

“Brown is considered the big man's Tom of Finland. His vivid acrylic paintings of Rubenesque Vikings, cupids, and macho men have been reproduced in skin mags and were the hit of the [Girth and Mirth convention] weekend."

From The Advocate [Sept 1991]